Temperature Changes - No Problem

A unique feature of Supertech SSR - Standing Seem Roof is its ability to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. The Supertech SSR features a unique concealed clip which has two distinct parts, the lower fixed part is fastened to the structure (purlin) and the upper movable part attaches to the specially designed roofing panels. The panels and the top part of the concealed clip are crimped togther either by mechanical seaming or specially designed mechanical locking. This ingeniousfixing arrangement allows for the roof top to practically "float" over the structure without being affected by temperature variations.
Not only dose this concealed clip design accommodate thermal movement, it also allows the roof to withstand high wind uplift loads.

Weather Proof

Supertech SSR sheds water; moisture is locked out by mechanically sealed seams.


Supertech SSR permits a lighter support structure. it cuts roof maintenance costs by as much as 80% and reduces energy consumption due to its superior heat reflectivity. This results in singnificant cost saving over the life of the project.


Supertech's SSR are light and strong which translates to savings in structural costs. Additionally, Supertec's SSR system can be retrofitted over existing metallic/non-metallic roofs that have failed. The retrofit roof can be applied over the existing roof, without removing it and with no fear of overloading the structure.

Durability & Materials

With no perforation and no exposed fasteners, the Supertech SSR system offers an exceptionally durable and maintenance-free roof.

Obviously, the roof's durability will depend on the service life of the material used. Supertech Roofing Solutions uses a variety of premium materials to satisfy customer needs for long service life and aesthetics. In addition to the durable 55% AI-Zn* coated sheet steel, Supertech Roofing Solutions also offers aluminium and copper SSR system enabling customers to make the final selection. Our roof design, materials and installation techniques are the key to durable maintenance-free roof system.


This is field seamed system that combines a slim rib with exceptional uplift resistance. This panel has been designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions for data details and fixing procedures, please refer to Supertech Metal Roofing & SSR catalogues.


This is a snap-together system that was designed for transitions form roof fascia for a continuous, uninterrupted appearance. Each of these system feature optional factory installed hot-melt mastic for low slope applications to ensure weather tight seams. Ribs are provided for added aesthetics value and strength.